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Why use Yoonba

Create and customize a dedicated brand destination on Yoonba with a free, self-service Store.

Get your own yoonba address

Drive shoppers to your Store with ads on Yoonba and marketing activities outside of Yoonba using a unique, easy-to-remember Yoonba URL, such as yoonba.com.au/store/BrandName.

Yoonba mobile app

(Future Feature)
Time to Turn Your Customers’ Journey into a Joyful One!
The app contains features that will enhance your customer’s shopping experience and at the same time build a bridge between you and the customers.

Easy withdraw system

Withdrawal is really easy with Yoonba. Vendors can requests to us right from the frontend dashboard for payment.

Design your store without coding

Just upload your products, and put them into relevant categories. And start selling online.

Coupon management

Coupon management right from the dashboard. No need for you to spend time worrying about coupons. Let your handle their discounts on their own.

Staff manager

You as a vendor can create as many staff as you like. You can also manage individual permissions of each staff in a variety of ways directly from your dashboard.

Follow store

Following your favourite vendor store is now easier than ever with Yoonba Follow Store module. It helps keep the customer updated about vendor store with the daily digest.

Support tickets

No need for customers to search for the Vendor's contact details. Yoonba provides your customers with a ticket-based support system right from the store page.

Store SEO

Your store SEO can help you to increase your store traffic. You can set your SEO title, meta description, meta keywords, Facbook title, description, image, Twitter title, description and image.

Shipping management

Vendors handle their own shipping with Zone wise shipping feature for each store. We also enabled the ShipStation that you can also handle your shipping with the popular shipping solution.

Payment gateways

No matter what type of payment network your customers prefer, our gateway Stripe works fine without any problem. You can open an account easily at stripe.com to receive your payment.

Product reviews

Increase your store value with product reviews. Good reviews can help other customers to gain trust and increase your marketplace brand value.

Best experiences for marketplace

Our efforts is to constantly improving the industry-leading solutions for web
in a collaboration with our customers.
$ 1001
Available for withdrawal
  • Frontend Control
  • Customization

Integrated Frontend Dashboard

Our vendor dashboard provides vendors with an integrated frontend experience that blends seamlessly in Yoonba. You can easily manage your products, orders and coupons and more.

Vendors can Manage Their Stores Easily

Control all areas of the vendor dashboard experience. Set which fields to show and which are required. Increase your quality control and ensure all products published have the required information. 


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