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All You Need to Know About Bee Hive Inspection and Removal Services in Melbourne


A swarm of bees can be quite difficult to handle and trying to get rid of the infestation and the hive yourself can be dangerous not just to you but other people and pets around too! In order to conserve the environment, protect your loved ones and eliminate these insects from your property the right way, professional control and removal services are a must.


We consider the safety of your loved ones and these insects while treating your property and carrying out services for inspection, control and removal. What’s more, our technicians are highly skilled and abide by the necessary industry standards while using environment-friendly products to treat your home and the hive.

You can be assured of a thorough inspection, removal, and control of the bee infestation not coming back again too! Are you still wondering whether you need a professional inspection, control and removal service to rid your home of this kind of problem? Read on to understand an bee behaviour better and gain an insight into how complicated treatment of their control and removal actually is.

Difference Between a Swarm, a Nest and a Hive

bee nest


This consists only of fully grown adult bees that hang off a branch or in a bush temporarily. A few of these insects scout for a new home while the others remain in this cluster and they all move to their new home once the scouting bees find one. A swarm does not include a comb with pollen or honey.

Bee Nest:

These insects prefer dark niches to build their nest and may often choose a small space in the structure of your home or the hollow of a tree to build their nest. They may even choose to build their home in the open like on the branches of a nearby tree. These pests store honey and pollen while raising their young in a nest and so you can be sure you will find these in their nest.


Bee Hive:

These are man-made and used to manage colonies of bees. A beehive helps remove honey without causing any harm to the insects and is usually kept in an apiary. However, removal services should only be carried out at the hands of skilled experts in Melbourne.

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